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18 Dec 2019 - 19:07 * Levi
free bitcoins every hour
Free hourly spins with a minimum win of 28 satoshi (0.00000028 BTC)
Multiply your bitcoins by playing a HI-LO game!
To win, BET HI and get a number higher than 5250 or BET LO and get a number lower than 4750
Receive compounded daily interest on any balance that you hold in account, without doing anything.
All you need to do is maintain a balance of at least 30,000 satoshi (0.0003 BTC) in account and we shall pay you compounded interest on your full balance everyday. There is no lock-in period to earn interest (you start earning interest right from the first day!) and your balance can be withdrawn any time you wish.
Receive 2 free lottery tickets for every FREE BTC roll you play, 1 ticket for every roll your referrals play and 1 ticket for every 0.00000500 BTC that you wager in the MULTIPLY BTC game!
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