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It’s official: Google will shut down Play Music by the end of 2020
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211 Days ago (5 Aug 2020, 11:44)
It’s official: Google will shut down Play Music by the end of 2020
Google has repeatedly warned that it’s shutting down Play Music in favor of YouTube Music, and now the end is nearly at hand. The internet pioneer has revealed that YouTube Music will officially replace its Google Play counterpart by the end of 2020.

The shutdown will start in September, when users in New Zealand and South Africa will lose use of the Google Play Music app. All other countries will follow in October. Music libraries will remain intact until December, so you’ll still have an opportunity to transfer your collection to YouTube Music for weeks afterward.

Some features will go away before then. Google will pull the options to buy and pre-order music in the Play Store in late August. You’ll have to either use the transfer tool to send purchases to YouTube Music or rely on Google Takeout to export your data and download all your purchased and uploaded tracks. Google will also remove the options to upload and download Play Music songs through Music Manager.

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