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Truecaller Launches Filters For Spam Messages on iPhone
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16 day ago (9 Sep 2020, 17:16)
Truecaller Launches Filters For Spam Messages on iPhone
Truecaller came with a bang but with time it slowed down the introduction of new features to the app. After a long time, the company has come up with a new feature for iPhone users that let users filter spam messages. Through enabling SMS filtering options, users will be able to filter spam messages that are received by them. Truecaller for iOS is neglected for a long time, so the company has revamped caller ID and spam calls to make the platform more reliable for people. Truecaller Launches Filters For Spam Messages on iPhone.
To access the SMS filtering option on your iPhone, update the Truecaller app. Then, go to Settings > Messages > Message Filtering (Unknown and Spam) and select Truecaller under SMS filtering.

The phone numbers that were searched by users previously will be automatically identified next time. This feature will land in Truecaller’s 11.12 version along with multiple bug fixes for spam call detection. Pakistan received too many spam calls and messages so this feature ...
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