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iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2.
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11 day ago (14 Sep 2020, 16:45)
iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2.
It's worth the wait for the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2. Their prices will collapse very soon.

The adjustment will be quite significant, so it's best to wait a few weeks and make an informed choice.

Price cuts for popular smartphones just ahead of the launch of a new flagship series are commonplace. There have been reports that prices for the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2 will drop prior to the iPhone 12 series. So those who want to buy these smartphones should wait a bit.

JPMorgan Chase quoted Wave7 Research as saying that overall iPhone sales are "slowing significantly," especially iPhone 11 and iPhone SE2 sales. Analysts say that while sales of the iPhone SE appear to be good for some carriers, sales of low-cost iPhones have indeed slowed in recent months. JPMorgan Chase says only 58% of Apple's U.S. retail stores are currently open due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, up from 80% at the end of June.
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