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Thousands of COD Player Accounts at Risk Due to a Major Data Breach
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29 day ago (26 Sep 2020, 16:02)
Thousands of COD Player Accounts at Risk Due to a Major Data Breach
A significant data breach in Activision has enabled hackers to obtain the usernames and passwords of thousands of its client’s accounts.
According to Dexerto, over 500,000 Activision accounts have allegedly been hacked after consumer credentials were leaked in the public. Cybercriminals are currently using these credentials to log into consumer accounts and change their passwords to ensure their original owners will be not able to regain them.
Activision accounts are used by Players to log in to the company’s different Call of Duty titles Such as Warzone, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty Mobile.

On the other hand, the only means to secure Activision accounts is by simply changing its password because the company doesn’t provide two-factor authentication to add extra layer of security. Additionally, to changing their passwords, COD players must also unlink their own Battlenet, PSN, Xbox Live and some other accounts connected with their Activision accounts along with the removal of any p ...
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