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Tiktok is Harming Our Society And Should Be Banned: PM Khan
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31 day ago (30 Sep 2020, 04:30)
Tiktok is Harming Our Society And Should Be Banned: PM Khan
According to Minister of Information Shibli Faraz, the Prime Minister has ordered government departments to limit and block apps like TikTok that are helping spread “vulgarity and obscenity” in Pakistani society.

The minister was quoted saying this by The News, with the minister further adding that he talked about this problem with the premier multiple times and that Imran Khan had asked to form a comprehensive strategy to counteract apps and social media outlets that are spreading obscenity.
He continued, saying that the prime minister had blamed an increase in vulgar content to the increasing rape crimes in the country and that TikTok is hurting the values of our society and should be banned.

In a similar vein, PEMRA has been ordered to double down on censoring such content on private TV channels as well, but the department hasn’t increased its efforts to do it so far.

The Minister of Information also said that he will hold a meeting with the managing director of PTV to ensure that ...
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