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Facebook Messenger shines up with new Logo and features
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11 day ago (15 Oct 2020, 04:55)
Facebook Messenger shines up with new Logo and features
If you’ve just upgraded your mobile app with Facebook Messenger, you might have found something different. To the long-standing white-and-blue Messenger logo, Facebook Messenger has painted its dull boring logo with some exciting colors.
The new logo “reflects a change to the future of communications, a more vibrant, enjoyable, and integrated way to remain linked to the people you’re near to, according to the brand.” One might even say they added a gradient of purple to blue, but that doesn’t sound just as fancy.
Messenger is being given a fresh look by Facebook. A updated version of the app is being rolled out, which has a more colourful logo and new default chat colour, extra chat themes (such as love and tie-dye) and personalised reactions. The new look represents a transition to the future of messaging, as Facebook wrote in a blog post, a more interactive, enjoyable and integrated way to hang out with your favourite people on your favourite apps and devices.

The update was ...
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