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Apple takes thousands of apps off the Chinese App Store
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213 Days ago (3 Aug 2020, 18:03)
Apple takes thousands of apps off the Chinese App Store
Apple has taken more than 30,000 applications off the Chinese App Store, according to the Qimai Research Institute.

The removal comes as a result of an ongoing investigation by the Chinese Authorities into the licenses of these apps. According to these authorities, all applications that cost money or have in-app purchases in China must be approved by Beijing’s censors; these applications did not have the relevant approval.

The loophole exploited to publish applications before acquiring an approval only existed on iPhones, as Android vendors strictly adhered to the regulations.

The takedown left 179,000 gaming application on the Chinese App Store; approximately 90 percent of which are free to download.

An earlier notification sent out by Apple to developers and publishers warned them about the investigation and takedown that was about to happen. The notice warned vendors that any application operating in China without a valid license will be removed from the Store after the 31st of July.

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