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Italy slaps $12M fine on Apple for its false iPhone claims
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56 Days ago (2 Dec 2020, 00:23)
Italy slaps $12M fine on Apple for its false iPhone claims
Nowadays, it feels like Apple is getting fined left, right, and center! After the company was forced to settle for $113 million last month for intentionally slowing down its iPhones, it is once again under fire for making false water-resistant claims for its iPhones. Italy, for one, hasn’t held back and has fined the iPhone maker 10 million euros ($12 million) for its “aggressive and misleading” business practices regarding the promotion of the iPhone’s water-resistant feature.

In a statement published on Monday, the Italian regulatory body stated that Apple has marketed its iPhones as water-resistant for years, but has never clarified that the water-resistance is only true in certain circumstances. The regulator adds that some iPhone models have not proven to be water-resistant for 30 minutes at a depth of up to 4 meters (13 feet) underwater. This is in direct contradiction of Apple’s claims, as the company has been more than happy to advertise how its smartphones can survive f ...
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