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Millions of Android phones are vulnerable to a Snapdragon security flaw
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47 day ago (10 Aug 2020, 18:44)
Millions of Android phones are vulnerable to a Snapdragon security flaw
If you’re using an Android phone with a Snapdragon chip inside, there’s a good chance it’s susceptible to a host of potentially serious security flaws. Check Point security researchers say they’ve discovered more than 400 code vulnerabilities, nicknamed “Achilles,” in the digital signal processors (DSPs) of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips.

The team is keeping the details a secret to prevent malicious use of the vulnerabilities before there’s a fix. The consequences can be serious, however. Check Point says attackers can quietly record calls, steal data, render devices unusable, and even install completely silent, non-removable malware.

It’s not clear how easy it is to exploit the flaws as a result. However, the researchers used “fuzz testing technologies” and other methods to identify flaws in the DSPs, which tend to be black boxes that are harder to study. Check Point noted that phone vendors couldn’t simply fix this as the chipmaker (in this case, Qualcomm) had to address t ...
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