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Reddit acquires TikTok’s competitor ‘Dubmash’
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79 Days ago (18 Dec 2020, 10:30)
Reddit acquires TikTok’s competitor ‘Dubmash’
Reddit acquire Dubsmash, a short-form TikTok video app whose aim is to ‘raise under-represented creators.’
According to acquisition terms, TikTok’s competitor will keep operating as a stand-alone website and brand, but its groundbreaking video production software will be merged into Reddit. Although Reddit has endorsed native video uploads since 2017, its video editing tools are restricted and a large part of the video content online is held elsewhere.

Reddit actually enables user to upload and stream content, but its uploading features are somewhat shaky issue that the purchase aims to fix. Reddit has its own struggles with bigotry, and has been blamed for not doing enough to discourage hate speech or offer enough assistance to the moderators of racist trolls.
Dubsmash’s share of the U.S short-form video market is second only to TikTok. While its co-founder and president, refused to disclose the total number of users of the app in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, its vide
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