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Ryan Kaji, 9 Years Old Becomes the highest-paid YouTuber of 2020
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75 Days ago (22 Dec 2020, 10:35)
Ryan Kaji, 9 Years Old Becomes the highest-paid YouTuber of 2020
YouTube is one of the best platforms to showcase your talent and earn money if people like your content. Many people are earning well while showcasing their talents and at the same time helping people get amused or learn something new. For instance, I love cooking and this has made me follow all the good cooking channels including food fusion that help me cook well food. So, some people have a love for entertainment and in Pakistan famous YouTuber, Zaid Ali, Comics By Arsalan, Ducky Bhai and many more are some of the options to laugh your heart out. While everyone has their own choice of liking, kids are also following kids YouTuber for toys reviews or many other videos that amuse them. A few months back, we came to know that a 6 years old young YouTuber bought $8m property through reviewing toys and now we have come to know that Ryan Kaji, a 9-year-old YouTuber became the Highest-Paid YouTuber of 2020.

Ryan Kaji uploads toys unboxing and reviewing videos on the video streaming platform ...
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