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Signal App is better than WhatsApp !!
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164 Days ago (10 Jan 2021, 00:21)
Signal App is better than WhatsApp !!
There has been an on-going discussion about why Signal app is better than Whatsapp in terms of security and privacy with many arguing about differences after Whatsapp migrated to signal Protocol for delivery of end to end encryption communication:

5 reasons why Signal is more secure than Whatsapp?
i) Signal's is open-source and entire source code for Android, iOS and Desktop application is available for examination for any potential backdoors.

ii) Signal is owned by a Non-Profit organization and not any tech-giant that has stakes in monetizing the data and has an appalling history and poor track record in terms of security and privacy.

iii) Signal as opposed to Whatsapp stores minimal meta data in fact, the only thing it stores is the Phone number, Time of account creation and last connection to signal servers, where-as Whatsapp stores wealth of information such as IP address, model, battery consumption, app usage etc. This means Whatsapp when hit w ...
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