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Signal is Increasing the Capacity
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48 Days ago (15 Jan 2021, 10:30)
Signal is Increasing the Capacity
Messaging app Signal is looking to hire more staff. After a controversial change in rival WhatsApp’s privacy terms, Signal has seen “unprecedented” growth and now it is increasing its capacity as it seeks to bolster the service and support the infrastructure. This news is revealed by the head of controlling foundation of Signal.

Brian Acton, co-founder of the Signal Foundation (who co-founded WhatsApp before selling it to Facebook) declined to give equivalent data for Signal. But he said that the expansion in recent days had been “vertical”.
Acton said, “We’ve seen unprecedented growth this past week, It’s safe to say that because of this record growth, we’re even more interested in finding talented people.”

He further added that the Signal was continuously working to bring improvements in its video and group chat functions in order it to compete better with WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, and other conferencing apps that have become vital to day-to-day life over the past y ...
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