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Pakistan Decides to Develop its Own Messaging App
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44 Days ago (15 Jan 2021, 10:37)
Pakistan Decides to Develop its Own Messaging App
Govt of Pakistan has decided to develop its own messaging app along with the security features that will protect the privacy of users on priority basis. The app will offer all the modern and advanced features including messages, voice calls and videos.

The app will be developed by the Ministry of Information Technology and IT experts. For this purpose, the government has started consultations. Once the federal cabinet gives the approval, the ministry will start working on it.
Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq said that “the ministry had decided to create a social networking app for the convenience of the people at the national level”. To get registered, users will need to provide the CNIC numbers. They will be able to run the app on their smartphones smoothly.

The messaging app will ensure complete protection of the people’s data and messages. The Minister has confirmed that the personal information of users will not be shared with any platform.
Initially, the ap
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