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Google Play Store Will Now Tell You About Trending Apps
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37 Days ago (21 Jan 2021, 19:50)
Google Play Store Will Now Tell You About Trending Apps
Nowadays, every second person wants to know that which one app is trending up and which one is trending down. For this purpose, most of people visit different website and read different articles to know about the rankings of the different types of apps as well as trending apps. Now, Google Play Store will display all this information for you which will definitely save your time. It will show via a new icon that which app is trending up or down.

The icon shows an arrow moving up or moving down in the lists of the top apps. An arrow pointing up indicates that a particular app is trending higher while an arrow pointing down indicates the opposite.
“Unfortunately, the icons don’t tell us how many slots an app has moved up or has moved down. Nor do we get to know how much time has elapsed while the app in question started trending in one direction or the other,” according to you Phonearena.
You can check out that which apps are trending up or trending down by opening the Google Play Stor

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