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“Start Radio” Option Available on YouTube Music’s Now Playing Screen
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104 Days ago (3 Feb 2021, 11:24)
“Start Radio” Option Available on YouTube Music’s Now Playing Screen
YouTube Music is great to recommend similar music to listen to next, same as the autoplay option on the main video website. YouTube Music is now helping users with the ‘Start Radio’ option directly on the Now Playing screen on Android. You can also select on the album artwork, users can click on the album artwork of the song and choose the button on the extreme right to start a radio of similar songs. The “Radio Start” option is available in the YouTube Music overload menu some time ago but it is now available as a faster option on now playing screen. Over the last few months, Google has developed a variety of new features for YouTube Music.

When a song is played on YouTube Music, users can tap on ‘Start-Radio’ from the artwork interface to play similar tracks to listen to the next song. It’s the fourth button on the play screen. After clicking, a “Start-Radio” message appears on the screen. Firstly this update was revealed by 9to5Google. This function has been in testing for se ...
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