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Instagram Lite gets a dedicated ‘REEL’ tab
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81 Days ago (26 Feb 2021, 11:47)
Instagram Lite gets a dedicated ‘REEL’ tab
Instagram Lite, a photo-sharing app operated by Facebook, revealed on Wednesday that its users will now be able to access the ‘Reels’ for ‘Only Watch’ purpose.

The new addition makes Instagram’s lite edition a little more convenient for those with inadequate space or hardware to get the usual program on their devices. Originally, Instagram Lite was released for testing back in June 2018 in November, but the service went offline last year in May and was reintroduced in September.
This new update will encourage users on the Reels tab to view popular short-format videos. Users of Instagram Lite would not be able to ‘CREATE’ Reels on the app, though.
You can now download the new update from the Play Store and watch Reels on the website if you are using the Instagram Lite app on your smartphone.

It is crucial to understand that the current update does not allow new reels to be produced by Instagram Lite users, which is something you can get on the normal Instagram version. Instead ...
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