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WhatsApp Users will Soon be Able to Migrate Chats Between iPhone and Android
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42 Days ago (6 Apr 2021, 13:20)
WhatsApp Users will Soon be Able to Migrate Chats Between iPhone and Android
Facebook’s new plan of merging all its three apps including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp came as a surprise for users as the tech giant previously wanted all its apps to be treated as a separate entity. While the company keeps on changing its plans and launching new features regularly, it has come up with a new option that will soon allow users to Migrate Chats history between iOS and Android. No doubt its a good news for WhatsApp users. Previously, WhatsApp never allowed users to run the same account on multiple devices but it might change it. This new plan will change the way we use WhatsApp. as users will be using the same account on different devices.

This feature is in the testing phase right now. So users who have both Android and iOS devices or plan to shift from one to another will be able to migrate their chat history between iOS and Android devices.

currently, when we have to shift our chat between different operating systems, we use third-party apps which are totally a ...
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