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Google Translate Cross 1 Billion Downloads on the Play Store
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42 Days ago (6 Apr 2021, 13:22)
Google Translate Cross 1 Billion Downloads on the Play Store
Google apps and services are popular with most people. The main reason for this is that it is free of cost to download and also Google apps are the best in the market. The official Android app Google Translate has achieved a remarkable feat of crossing 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store. Launched almost 10 years back, the excellent Android app has shown tremendous growth in the last few years. Now, the application has achieved a major milestone, Google Translate.
In January 2010, the Google Translate Android app was launched. Over the years, the app has been upgraded with new additions and a UI UI like any other popular app that remains a decade-long.

The Google application for translation is downloaded over 1 billion times from the Google Play Store in 11 years and 3 months since its launch. These installs come from users and not OEMs as this application is not part of the mandatory Google Mobile Services core apps package.
However, it’s not unexpected because the Google Trans
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