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Google Chat Tab is now rolling out in a new Gmail app
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10 Days ago (6 Apr 2021, 13:23)
Google Chat Tab is now rolling out in a new Gmail app
Google chat tab is now rolling out in a new Gmail app in a similar manner to how Google Meet is compatible with the Google email platform.

Google is also allowing personal Gmail accounts to use this “integrated workspace,” which is now open to corporate Workspace users.

This merger occurs as Google strives to make Gmail the new “workplace.” The aim is to allow users to complete all tasks on one page rather than flipping between tabs.

When you return to the Gmail home screen after activating the feature, you’ll see a new pop-up detailing the improvements. The pop-up is divided into three sections, each of which describes the current Gmail interface, which allows you to navigate your addresses and video calls by clicking the tabs at the bottom. The first tab displays all of your emails, while the second displays ‘Google Chat tab’, third ‘Room tab’ and last one shows ‘Meet tab’.

Many free Google accounts will now use the latest Gmail with Chat feature on both Android and ...
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