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Call of duty developers reportedly earned $10B in 2020
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31 Days ago (15 Apr 2021, 12:02)
Call of duty developers reportedly earned $10B in 2020
According to Reuters, Timi Studios, the Tencent-owned gaming developer behind two of the most successful mobile video games, Honor of Kings and Call of Duty Mobile, created $10 billion in revenue in 2020.

TiMi’s earnings make it the “world’s biggest developer,” according to its sources. Though it’s unknown what stats that refers to, it’s undeniably a large amount.

Not just did the company achieve this significant sales in 2020, but its game Call of Duty reportedly saw the largest smartphone game launch ever when it was launched in October 2019, with over 100 million downloads in the first week. Although Timi’s Honor of Kings, which is only available in China, has an incredible 100 million regular active users.

TiMi is currently recruiting developers for “a modern AAA games that parallels the interactive community from the movie Ready Player One” and is establishing a pair of Los Angeles-based studios.

This indicates that TiMi intends to create its own metaverse-style game ...
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