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PUBG Mobile Expected to Ban after ‘Gaming Addict’ Kills Two Relatives
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31 Days ago (15 Apr 2021, 12:05)
PUBG Mobile Expected to Ban after ‘Gaming Addict’ Kills Two Relatives
A lover of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground game reportedly shot two people and killed them, also injured three others in Nawa Kot, Lahore. Killer was addicted to PUBG Mobile.

In accordance with the findings of the initial investigation report of the district Police station, after fighting with their relatives on a private matter, the man opened fire on his family, killed his sister-in-law and her friend, and seriously injure his mother and two siblings.
The deputy police superintendent, Umar Baloch, spoke in the media about the incident and said “the person was fighting with his relatives over a fraud of Rs15 million. Yesterday, he brought a gun and shoot them.”

He said the culprit was a passionate mobile PUBG player and was addicted to drugs, a game that is extremely popular among Pakistani young people.

The police wrote the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) a letter for restriction on the game. PUBG Mobile banned for a short time l ...
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