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15 illegal android apps banned from Google Playstore
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13 Days ago (3 May 2021, 12:37)
15 illegal android apps banned from Google Playstore
Google has pulled off some of the best illegal android apps from its Play Store. These malicious apps have been removed and restricted users to download them anymore. However, Android users who have already downloaded them should make sure they uninstall them.

Google is very stringent when it comes to Policies or Terms & Services. Android is the most dominant Operating System, powering more than 95 percent of Smartphones. For the App to be approved by Google, you must follow the guidelines. Due to violations of the Google Play Store’s terms and conditions, Android applications were removed from the store. These applications are either illegal or infected with viruses and malware.

Furthermore, some of these illegal android apps collect personal information from users. So, before downloading any app from anywhere other than the Playstore, make sure it’s not banned.

Reasons why Apps ban from Playstore?
Apps that contain explicit or pornographic material, apps that encourage you to bet or
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