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YouTube Music Adds A Replay Mix Of Your Most-Played Tracks
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43 Days ago (15 Jun 2021, 11:37)
YouTube Music Adds A Replay Mix Of Your Most-Played Tracks
YouTube Music is now focusing more on its algorithmic auto-playlists. Last year, it has renamed its iconic “Your Mix” playlist and introduced seven new daily mixes. However now, YouTube Music Adds A Replay Mix Of Your Most-Played Tracks. Now, the most commonly played songs will be added to the list that you are listening from the past few weeks.
This playlist is described as a “mix of music you’ve been listening to the most in the last few weeks.” The feature is helpful for those who want to listen to their favourite tracks again. This new Replay Mix playlist appears above the My Supermix list in the “Mixed for you” area of the Music app. This playlist’s cover displays the standard record-inspired design in blue, green, and orange tones.

Additionally, the new Replay Mix list can hold up to 100 tracks. When you finished the track, it will allow infinite autoplay. This feature of YouTube Music is directly comparable to Spotify’s “On Repeat” playlist that similarly highlight ...
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