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Microsoft Windows 11 to arrive on October 20
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28 Days ago (30 Jun 2021, 14:21)
Microsoft Windows 11 to arrive on October 20
Last week there were many news circulating on the internet regarding the launch of Microsoft Windows 11 and we thought that it just a few days ahead. No doubt, Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 last weeks but it made a confusing revelation regarding the launch as it said OS is coming “this ”. Since it was not much specific, when we look closer at the released images, we can clearly get an idea that Windows 11 will arrive in October.

Below is the promo material on Microsoft on the Windows 11 website confirming October 20 launch date in the taskbar.
Moreover, our doubt regarding the launch date was further confirmed when we found the Microsoft Teams message from Stevie Bathiche sent to Microsoft’s head of Windows and Devices, Panos Panay, stating “can’t wait for October!”.
No doubt, we all were anxiously waiting for Windows 11 which is said to be loaded with amazing features. Among many marvelous features, Microsoft has redesigned the taskbar and start menu. Inspired from MacOS, W

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