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Qualcomm’s new CEO has big plans for competing with Apple
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23 Days ago (5 Jul 2021, 11:40)
Qualcomm’s new CEO has big plans for competing with Apple
Thanks to the ex-Apple workers Qualcomm hired when it acquired Nuvia earlier this year for $1.4 billion. Qualcomm’s new CEO, Cristiano Amon, has huge hopes for competing with Apple in terms of laptop performance. According to Reuters, he believes Qualcomm could develop the world’s finest CPU, which would necessitate a chip that outperforms Apple’s M1.

Instead of using Arm-licensed core designs, Qualcomm plans to employ a totally unique core design for its chips, similar to Apple’s, in order to compete with Apple silicon. If Arm develops a better CPU than Qualcomm, Amon said Qualcomm will seek to licence the superior design straight from Arm to assure that its chips are industry-leading.
The business is flourishing. Qualcomm’s stock has risen 70 percent in the last year, outperforming the S&P’s 40 percent gain and the Nasdaq’s near 50 percent gain. Its market capitalization now exceeds $150 billion.

Qualcomm’s new CEO stated in his tweet that, “I need to keep focused on our c ...
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