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Google Chrome will Soon Direct you Away From Insecure Websites
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23 Days ago (5 Jul 2021, 11:41)
Google Chrome will Soon Direct you Away From Insecure Websites
Google is actively working on making Chrome more secure. According to the latest reports, Google Chrome will direct users away from insecure websites still using HTTP. Google is all ready to bring an HTTPS-only mode in the upcoming updates.
We also know that Google preferred using HTTPS websites and as it has marked all HTTP sites as ‘not secure’ in its browser in 2018. When Google released Chrome 86 last year, it started warning users about insecure forms on HTTPS sites to prevent users from entering sensitive information such as their banking details.

It is saying that we will get this feature in “Advanced” with a new toggle to “Always use secure connections”. If this toggle is switched on, Google will “upgrade all navigations to HTTPS and warn you before loading sites that don’t support it”.

If an HTTPS version of a site isn’t available, Chrome will show a warning page before reverting back to HTTP. Any sites that users allow to bypass HTTP-Only Mode will be saved by ...
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