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TikTok Expands the Video Duration from 60 Seconds to 3 Minutes
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23 Days ago (5 Jul 2021, 11:52)
TikTok Expands the Video Duration from 60 Seconds to 3 Minutes
TikTok creators are about to get more time for TikTok videos. The app is now bringing out the option for everyone to upload videos up to 3 minutes duration. This Tiktok addition will provide greater flexibility to creators during shooting and limit the need for multi-part posts, now tiktokers will get more time to engage followers with their creative video content.

Drew Kirchhoff, a video-sharing app Product Manager, revealed the development in an official statement, “Some of you might have discovered a longer video option on TikTok. We are excited to see how many people will continue to entertain and inspire in few more seconds, with all the ways that our community has redefined their expression in under 60 seconds”.
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