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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will allow flexible customization of graphics in games
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212 Days ago (4 Aug 2020, 09:53)
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will allow flexible customization of graphics in games
Network informant Ice Universe has long been publishing various leaks about new products in the world of smartphones. This time he spoke about one interesting and so far extremely rare function that can be found in devices, even in gaming ones. We are talking about the possibility of flexible graphics settings in games, details in our article. .
Ice Universe claims that Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus users will be able to use a new exclusive mode in the proprietary Game Turbo add-on, which was developed jointly by Xiaomi programmers and Qualcomm engineers.
Now, absolutely in every game, the user can adjust a wide range of graphic parameters, including: levels of anisotropic filtering, anti-aliasing, filtering textures, select operating modes and the frequency of the GPU. The user himself will be able to balance performance and image quality.
You can believe this information, since Ice Universe has repeatedly published reliable leaks. He predicted the release of the Mi Mix Alpha, he was the first

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