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WhatsApp Now Lets You Fact Check Forwarded Messages
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212 Days ago (4 Aug 2020, 22:17)
WhatsApp Now Lets You Fact Check Forwarded Messages
Over the past year, WhatsApp has rolled out a slew of new features in its attempts to curb the spread of fake news on the platform. The Facebook-owned IM application has been testing its in-app browser search for one year now and is finally ready to share it with the world.

The new feature enables users to check the credibility of forwarded messages that have been sent to multiple WhatsApp contacts and have the potential to contain harmful fake news. Users will see a magnifying glass option with the message that will instantly search and fact check that particular link or image in the browser.
According to WhatsApp:

WhatsApp provides a special forwarded label to messages shared in chats that have been forwarded many times. Earlier this year, we set limits on how many times they can be sent at once to maintain the private nature of WhatsApp. Today, we’re piloting a simple way to double-check these messages by tapping a magnifying glass button in the chat.

Further explaining the feature fu ...
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