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Forum Topic - How to unroot Android
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113 Days ago (6 Apr 2021, 14:46)
How to unroot Android

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6 Apr 2021, 14:43
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6 Apr 2021, 14:35
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Most smartphone users are either tied into the Apple ecosystem with the iOS platform, or their devices are installed with an Android-based system. There are, however, a multitude of alternative operating systems that you can install onto your device if Android simply isn’t up to scratch, for whatever reason.
Google’s flagship mobile OS is the most widely-used across the world, with the latest figures from Kantar suggesting it accounts for 53% of smartphones in the UK, compared with 47% using iOS. Despite its dominance, however, it’s possible to dissociate yourself from Android by installing platforms such as Plasma Mobile, Pure OS, Lune OS, or a handful of other less commonly known alternatives.

Given that Android is based on open source software, all users are able to gain root access to the operating system's code. This, in turn, allows you to gain privileges to modify the software on any device, and replace it with systems that device makers wouldn’t normally let you install.
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