Blog - Xiaomi 12 smartphones: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and the best AMOLED screen on the market

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Xiaomi 12 smartphones: Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and the best AMOLED screen on the market

Of course, the release of any flagship smartphone is accompanied by loud statements about its technical merits. Each manufacturer strives to convince the buyer that this is the best device on the market. Someone positions their smartphone as the most beautiful, others advertise a camera or processor, and so on. Unfortunately, very often there is nothing behind beautiful epithets, and yet another “rating record holder” turns out to be a rather average device with a bunch of shortcomings.
Prior to the release of Xiaomi 12, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was recognized as the best display, which received 12 awards.


standard Xiaomi 12;
large Xiaomi 12 Pro;
"Lightweight" version of Xiaomi 12X.
Each of the smartphones has the already mentioned AMOLED matrix of excellent quality, otherwise there are technical differences between the versions, and quite significant ones.
With its performance, everything is in order (almost 700 thousand points in AnTuTu), but the chip clearly does not reach the level of Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 with its million points.

THE GOLDEN MEAN IN THE LINEUP IS XIAOMI 12. IN ADDITION TO SNAPDRAGON 8 GEN 1, IT GOT A 6.28-INCH AMOLED PANEL with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels, covered with a protective Gorilla Glass Victus. The maximum brightness reaches 1100 nits, so there should be no problems when working in bright sunlight. Additional advantages include support for 12-bit color space, as well as Dolby Vision and HDR10 + technologies.

The top modification Xiaomi 12 Pro has already received a 6.73-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 3200 x 1440 pixels and LTPO technology. The bottom line is simple: the refresh rate of the screen changes dynamically depending on what the user is watching.
For example, when viewing static pictures, it will be minimal, and in games where maximum smoothness is important, the sweep frequency will rise to 120 hertz. This solution can significantly save battery power.

ANOTHER PLUS OF THE XIAOMI 12 PRO DISPLAY IS THE SUB-SCREEN FINGERPRINT SCANNER. They promise that it will be very fast and accurate, but it will be possible to test its operation only after the device goes to the global market.

THE CAMERA IN ALL SMARTPHONES IS NOMINALLY THE SAME: THREE MODULES, THE MAIN RESOLUTION IS 50 MEGAPIXELS (SONY IMX 766 SENSOR), THERE IS ALSO AN ULTRA-WIDE-ANGLE AND MACRO LENS. Of course, it would be rash to evaluate the quality of the pictures based on the presentation alone, but the first impressions of the Xiaomi 12 camera are positive.

Perhaps most pleasing is that the Chinese giant has finally refused to participate in the "race of megapixels", and focused on the most important thing - the size of the sensor. Here it is so large that it is easy to see with the naked eye. Why is it important? The larger the sensor of the main module, the more light falls on each individual pixel, which means that the photos are much more “lively” and interesting.

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